About us



Wisolab was founded on July 4, 2014, after a previous and extensive experience started in 2002 in Reverse Osmosis water treatment technologies;

Over time the idea of serving a specialty market niche was born, which demands precision and high quality standards.
Sandro Huamán, its founder, has the vision of leading first in the national market and then extending services to the main countries of Latin America


We are a company dedicated to supplying ultrapure water for analyzer equipment in Blood Bank, Biochemistry and Urology laboratories.

We do it thinking about the quality and precision of the water standards that we must deliver to the laboratories, taking into account the well-being and recovery of the end users: the patients.

We have more than 18 years of experience in water treatment technologies and we decided to specialize in laboratory analyzer equipment, a sector that requires water of high quality standards and a service with special dedication, attention and care.

At WISOLAB we are all committed to quality, research, innovation and continuous improvement.



Constant learning








To be the business leader of water supply for laboratories in Perú and recognized in latin america


Provide a pleasant work environment that allows the learning and development of its employees.

Serve our clients with quality, professionalism, commitment and dedication; thinking and taking into account the well-being and speedy recovery of end users: patients.

Supply ultrapure water to the analyzer equipment of clinical laboratories, complying with the standards of the CLSI and ASTM norms.

Generate and promote impact: social, economic and environmental.


Inside our country

WISOLAB is expanding operations nationwide. We are pleased to share with you the satisfaction generated by being able to take our services to more than 15 departments throughout the country

At WISOLAB we use and practice the Japanese working methodology 'The 5S'

A system designed to ensure risk prevention (integrity) in the workplace, provide efficiency, cleanliness, improve productivity and increase quality.

Solution for water supply in your laboratory

We are specialists in comprehensive solutions for water treatment.