Our presence nationwide

23 April 2021

Our presence at the national level:

WISOLAB is expanding operations nationwide. We are pleased to share with you the satisfaction generated by being able to take our services to more than 15 departments throughout the country.

This enriching experience allows us to know the quality of drinking water and its supply problems within the country.

With the intention of cooperating with our city and its citizens, we are developing a map of TDS at the national level so that by sharing it it serves as a guide and orientation for all that person, institution, company or body that has an interest in knowing and knowing how water quality (TDS) within our country, we believe that with this work one day all of us who are in this area of ​​companies can benefit, so that we have this information, accurate, ready and easy to share for the different projects where it is necessary to have the data to properly size, calibrate and select the different water purification technologies


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23 April 2021

23 April 2021