World Water Day

23 April 2021

World Water Day:

On March 22, as every year, the international water day is celebrated. At WISOLAB we want to share this video that shows the importance of water in our city and our planet. Reflection and a pause are necessary to think about how and in what we can contribute to the care and conservation of this common universal good. Here are four (4) challenges that we can do from our personal level:

  • Challenge 1 Have the courage to “raise our voices”, to question the waste or misuse of water in our environment, whether in our home, our work, or our community.
  • Challenge 2 Continue to work on personal habit, reflect on my privileges of having water and how I can put it to good use. Use my privilege to have the water leaks in my home fixed in a timely manner or, to avoid contaminating the drain of my sinks by spilling chemical substances, greasy or difficult to degrade.
  • Challenge 3 Recognize my responsibility as a father / mother to educate my children in the importance of caring for the common goods that nature gives us.
  • Challenge 4 Inform me more about this topic. Take advantage of opportunities to spread among the family and in the work environment. Inform and educate others on the subject


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23 April 2021